We develop educational shows, workshops, and other activities for museums and institutions across the globe. All of our events are designed to seamlessly include curriculum links and to meet key stage learning outcomes.

We can provide staff and students with training on communication and delivery of the workshops and shows. We also offer training on a host of skills, including facilitation, presenting research and performance.

One of our largest projects “Beyond Museum Walls” involved creating a programme for the Children’s Museum Jordan. We developed a suite of six traveling comedy science shows that toured the refugee camps and children’s hospitals across Jordan, delighting thousands of little ones.

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We’ll work with you from start to finish, to identify and develop your idea from initial concept right through to delivery, taking care of everything in between. 

No project is too big or too small, whether you’re looking for a one-off event for a smaller audience, or a longer programme that runs for an entire season and reaches thousands, we’ve got you covered. We cater to a diverse range of demographics and subjects – no audience is too challenging and no topic is too obscure!

Regardless of whether your venue is inside or outdoors, big or small, old or new, we design events that make the most of their surroundings, complete with set design and costumes.

Depending on your needs, we can provide promotional content, event management and support, keeping you updated on progress throughout. Along with our own expertise, you’ll benefit from access to our network of collaborators, including actors, filmmakers, costume designers and prop makers.


A selection of our brilliant clients...




Large Theatre Show

Join Zing and Zong in an exciting adventure through space and time as they experiment with some of the coldest substances on Earth, and create some dramatic explosions along the way. Exploring chemistry and physics, it’s an out of this world epic! 

Watch The Trailer


Stage Show

Airheads is a firm family favourite. Developed to be flexible for a variety of venues and stage sizes, it doesn’t require a professional theatre set-up.

Accompany childhood friends Steve and Barbara in this ridiculous adventure of hilarity, one-upmanship and hovercrafts*. This entertaining and educational science show experiments with air, pressure and Bernoulli’s principle.

*Contains actual hovercraft


Pop-Up Theatre

Our friend Alan is a 20-minute interactive pop-up theatre piece based on the life and work of pioneering computer scientist Alan Turing, told from the perspective of two of his friends and colleagues from his days at Bletchley Park. 

Emotionally powerful and thought provoking, this is Alan’s story brought to life. 


Pop-Up Experiences

Our roaming curiosity cart can pop-up anywhere you need it either indoors or out. With a selection of exciting interactive performances, demonstrations and activities ranging from 5 – 20 mins, audiences will be entertained for as long as they choose.


Make-and-Take Workshop

In this hands-on workshop, suitable for both adults and children, you'll set up and take home your very own mini-livestock farm. Along the way you'll learn all about insect biology, metamorphosis, sustainable agriculture and the different insect species eaten around the world. Once your farm is complete you'll have the chance to taste some deliciously chocolatey bug-based treats!

Watch Craig's TEDx talk on edible insects here.


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