Eureka Edinburgh is made up of Craig and Nicola, two pals with a love of being in the spotlight. Although originally from different backgrounds – Craig, from the science world and Nicola, a theatrical one, their paths converged in informal education. The pair soon realised they worked well together and shared a creative vision. 

This vision forms the foundation of the work we make now. We create interactive and immersive shows that plant our audience in the centre of the story. Here they can actively engage with the performance and absorb the learning within.

We have been very lucky in being able to take our work all across the globe and look forward to bringing it to you soon, too.





A firm believer in the transformative power of theatre, Nicola attained a degree in Contemporary Performance Practice from the prestigious Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

She utilises the skills and techniques gained there, alongside her unbridled enthusiasm, to bring the joys of live performance to people who might not normally engage with theatre in a traditional context.

When she’s not busy inspiring audiences, Nicola can often be found tutoring presentation skills in universities or managing large teams of performers for major international events.


Craig is a specialist in educational theatre who spent several years honing his craft with the world’s longest running science festival before moving on to set up his own immersive events company and consultancy.

Craig has developed shows and workshops for museums and festivals across the globe, from The Big Bang Fair (UK) to The Children’s Museum Jordan and all sorts in between!

In his spare time, Craig researches insects and co-founded the charity Bugs for Life, who research and promote entomophagy (the eating of insects)!

He’s appeared on BBC and ITV and you can watch his TEDx talk here.

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